"Indie folk singer-songwriter Vincent Randazzo charms beholders with his spellbinding lyrics and spirited performances. 'Real Plan,' Randazzo's third and latest full-length album, is not just an extension of his striking musical style, but a milestone in terms of his steady and remarkable growth as a budding solo artist. In addition to hiring seasoned session musicians, Chris Schlarb, founder of esteemed cult band Psychic Temple, produced 'Real Plan,' a momentous step forward for Randazzo compared to previously self-produced albums. The broad impression of 'Real Plan' is a polished mix of similar artists like The Mountain Goats, Leif Vollebekk (of Montreal) and even undertones of country music supergroup The Highwaymen. 

Randazzo, 24, began writing poetry and revering the rock and roll culture as a child. Flash forward to his wide-eyed years in high school fronting and playing lead guitar for a forceful rock band called Moses Nose, Randazzo starts to carve a path for himself as an illustrious artist in his hometown of Monterey, California. Today, he views 'Real Plan' as a debut release of sorts—a levelheaded, confident approach of songwriting and performance in contrast to the more brash MO of yesteryear." - Matthew Hable

"... blue was the color of his song even as the room gyrated with candle flames. By rustic progressions of chords endearing, he painted these blues across us with thick strokes. Vincent floated from his [footstool], though he put not an inch between it and his ass. His stout legs dangled, swung and his shoulders swiveled. He stooped and swooned with every striking chord, a dance for comfy people." - Wyatt Widmer, 831sound