Vincent Randazzo

is a songwriter based out of Monterey, CA. For a time there was a conflict of self within his career; performing live primarily as a guitar brandishing soloist all the while releasing thickly arranged band-centric albums. 2018 ushers in a new era as Randazzo presents the Terrible Noise, a heady folk/psych suite employing the intimacies of his live performance balanced perfectly with explorative production. 

"This time last year I was living out of a Prius with my partner. We were traveling the country in an attempt to escape the mundane cycle of our then-day-to-day. Childishly, the plan was to sing and dance 24/7 all whilst seeing all there is to see. As we left the bubble of California it was quickly realized that this was midwinter and that survival would be a full time job. My hands were too cold to fret a guitar. We lacked the space to dance. There was no mind left for the writing of songs.

After some time, in the occasional free moment of safety and solitude at some odd cafe, I developed the habit of scrolling through old hard drives and soundbites from my glitchy analog dictograph. Thus began 'The Terrible Noise'. At the time it was bad habit- a rabbit hole. Over the year, and upon returning to California's Monterey Bay, a shape was made out of the indiscernible. It became more thought-provoking a work than any I had yet made.

Much of the record consists of song demos never intended for an audience. The takes have the loose, visceral energy of a first run through after being written and for the most part, they are. Portland composer, Paper Gates, provides horn arrangements- the only dubs made with the intention of making an album. The songs are strung together by a conversation with a friend philosophizing the beauty of learning a new language. I believe that is what listening to this record is. If not, the sounding of frustration that the purest music of our generation must be filtered through infinite and terrible noise." - V.R. 01/09/18


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Album Credits:

Produced and mixed by Vincent Randazzo

Master by Erik "Lobo" Gilbert at Wolf's Den Productions, Chicago

Horn arrangements and performance by Andy Rayborn [Paper Gates]